Market Research

As a crash course in market research, my Digital Advertising and Marketing class at UNC put us to work for a local big cat sanctuary.

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Carolina Tiger Rescue offers tours to see their big cats up close, but a larger portion of their revenue comes from individual donations. Our task was to create a digital marketing campaign that would increase donations by 10% without increasing a demand for on-site tours.

tigerI began by performing extensive qualitative and quantitative research, including a situational analysis, a category trends analysis, and a competitive analysis.

From there I investigated the rescue’s various brand challenges, which included research on potential barriers and trends in the industry.

I also worked on mapping the customer journey of a Carolina Tiger Rescue visitor and donor. This involved finding meaningful touchpoints where customers interact with the rescue, and analyzing how to maximize the effectiveness of those interactions.

We collaborated on empathy maps, where we analyzed the wants and needs of potential Carolina Tiger Rescue donors to find out how to best reach them and encourage donations.

Click here to see our final presentation

After my extensive brand and customer analysis, we were left with one key insight: Carolina Tiger Rescue provides a rare, authentic experience to connect with wild animals. People want to experience it over and over again. 

Armed with our market research, we provided an informed recommendation for a live-streaming webcam site to recruit new donors. They could emotionally connect with the tigers without having to visit in person.

Our livestream website demo


The final exam involved our class groups presenting in front of a panel of 12 judges, including Carolina Tiger Rescue staff and various local advertising professionals. In competition with 4 other groups, we were chosen by the panel as the best overall campaign and asked to continue collaborating with Carolina Tiger Rescue in the coming months.