Online Brand Building

As a Communications intern, I was tasked with expanding Self-Help Credit Union’s brand into new, online platforms.

Self-Help is a family of credit unions and one of the largest community development financial institutions in the United States. During my time there, I helped to construct their online branding guidelines and launched their YouTube channel and Tumblr scrapbook. 

I collaborated on the Self-Help YouTube channel’s main trailer:

Click here to see Self-Help’s YouTube Channel





One of my major projects at Self-Help was establishing their YouTube channel. I edited and posted content for their channel, wrote copy for the page, and advised the staff on best practices for running the page in the future.

Self-Help's YouTube header image

I was in charge of organizing the channel’s playlists, collaborating on design materials, and finding ways to increase engagement. I suggested an ending credit for our videos that would push viewers to stay on our channel for longer periods of time. The main goal of the channel was to explain Self-Help’s work in a way that was easily understandable, visually engaging, and memorably narrative-based.

The channel has amassed over 13,500 views since May 2014.

Click here to see Self-Help’s Tumblr Scrapbook

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.21.49 PMI created the Self-Help Tumblr, which unfolded Self-Help’s story one photo at a time through a digital scrapbook. Self-Help’s work is complex, so I decided on a website with multiple “mini-spotlight-stories” that showed Self-Help’s work instead of telling it. Each picture furthers the narrative of Self-Help’s work with home loans, environmental stewardship, charter school funding, and more.

I designed a menu page that organizes the photos based on Self-Help’s different services. I also strategized on different ways to push visitors to Self-Help’s website and other social media sites.

The staff has continued posting weekly updates on the Self-Help Tumblr after the conclusion of my internship, making it an exciting new tradition to look forward to from the Communications team.