For my Advertising Campaigns class at UNC, we were given the task of helping Solowheel, a portable gyroscopic transportation device in need of a differentiating advertising campaign.


For this quirky product, we needed a fun, creative-oriented campaign. Through extensive market research, we crafted our buyer persona. Solowheel is a perfect fit for the individual who enjoys standing out through cutting edge technology and doesn’t mind paying a premium price for it – the social cyborg.

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I had to get inside the minds of our social cyborgs: figure out what copy would speak to them, what features would appeal to them, and how we could reach them online while maximizing our budget.

Solowheel’s key market sees their technology as an extension of themselves.  It is used to define and differentiate them, not to fit in with the crowd. We wanted to encourage them to roll solo with the Solowheel, which led to the #ROLLSOLO campaign.

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Click here to see our #ROLLSOLO campaign presentation

To reach our tech-savvy social cyborgs, we pitched a website, a smartphone app, and a piece of wearable technology to help Solowheel customers connect.

The website component of our campaign was my main personal project, and I took control of design, organization, copy writing, and strategy.

The Solowheel Lab, a website component of our campaign



To support our campaign, I also suggested a vlog series about learning to ride the Solowheel, a replaceable shell warranty program, a cohesive social media strategy, and different avenues to promote our campaign (including web display ads, search engine marketing and partnerships).

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